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Anonymous: "Hi can you pls make me a really adorable liam layout ?"

here hope you like them :)

Thanks ❤

Well guys, I just wanted to thank you all for following me and using the things I do, it makes me really happy to see you like what I do :) I really put effort in all I do and I always want them to be perfect
so it takes me a lot of time to make
every layout believe it or not ☺ well I
reached 700 followers today!!! In so happy, thank you so much really 💖💕💞 (I have more followers here than my own tumblr lol🙈)
I love you guys and thank you so much again for your support to this page❤ really means a lot to me :)
I read you messages on my ask and maybe I don’t really do what you ask me but it’s just bc I edit whatever I like in the moment or if I found pics I really like. But I’m trying to make some of your requests. And I’ll clarify something now, I only make one direction packs not any other artists.
Good, I just felt like rating today lol. If you want you can follow me on my normal tumblr, you can find it in my links ☺ I follow everybody back.
OK I’m done! Love you 💖 bye!!

Anonymous: "is it okay if i submit you a photo and you match a header to it bc there's this icon i really like but can't find a header that matches and all your layouts are v v fab"

of course, or you just tweet it me, its gonna be easier. my twitter is @redlightlouis